“Of the seven to eight designers we have worked with over the past 30 years, none, I mean none, have ever been as fairly priced as Sharon. In addition, and I don’t know if she does this with every one, but she only requires deposits of 50 to 60% on some items. We finally quit offering deposits each time as we actually got tired of trying to insist. We found this to be highly unusual in our experience with other designers.

“Sharon is extremely focused and spends little time conversing or visiting as so many other designers do, hence there is no additional billing time. In our experience this translates into a benefit to us, the customer. While we have enjoyed visiting we have always been a little bitter to find that time reflected in the invoice. That has been a very beneficial part of the relationship.

“Most importantly one of the reasons we hire designers is that while we know what we like, we don’t know how to translate it into tangible results. Sharon listens and then translates the feedback into beautiful reality. Good taste is the principle talent a designer brings to the table and Sharon has it in spades. The trades people Sharon recommended to us have all been extremely polite, punctual and professional. their work has turned out quite well. We are pleased to recommend Sharon to anyone needing the services of a designer. She is a treasure.”